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Miami Dade County Public Schools Recognizes Go! Latinos Magazine Again

Miami Dade County Public Schools Recognizes Go! Latinos Magazine Again

Once again, the effort and commitment of Go! Latinos magazine to the community of South Florida is recognized. In a formal ceremony with the presence of The Miami Dade County School Board and the Superintendent of Schools Mr. Alberto Carvalho, Dr. Lawrence Feldman, Chairperson of the Board, presented the proclamation to Executive Director Ervin Palacios and co-founder Bertha López.

The presentation of such an honorable award took place at the Miami School Board building in downtown Miami.

During his presentation, Dr. Feldman focused his speech on highlighting not only the journalistic quality of the articles but also the responsibility that the journal has shown for a long time in promoting and informing the community about the achievements of the schools and their educational policies for the students’ welfare. He also emphasized the variety of family-oriented topics addressed month to month like well-being, healthy-eating, finance, exercising and local events.

“Go! Latinos is a magazine with exemplary journalism that positively impacts the community and values ​​the access and opportunities of public education,” Dr. Feldman said.

Each month, for free, neighbors in areas like Homestead, Florida City, Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay and Kendall can access the magazine and learn about topics that will help them with different areas of their lives; for example, steps to follow when buying a home, when to make a reverse mortgage, or simply to know the symptoms of different diseases, which are among many other topics that over time the magazine has been committed to inform its readership.

“The magazine was born with a very specific objective and it was to be an instrument for both the Spanish- and English-speaking populations. What interested us and continues to call our attention today is to be a means for change and generate important issues that at some point they can use in their lives as tools,” said Ervin Palacios.

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For Palacios, the proclamation only confirms that they are doing a good job and what was first born as a dream, now is seeing the fruits of its labor because every day more people are reading and looking for information in the magazine.

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