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City of Homestead: The Hidden Gem of South Florida Real Estate Investment

City of Homestead: The Hidden Gem of South Florida Real Estate Investment

South Florida real estate doesn’t seem real without one special name standing out… George Reyes! Specializing in the overlooked but promising city of Homestead, Reyes is a licensed commercial real estate Broker Associate.
He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, making him the go-to for anyone looking to invest in the vibrant real estate market of Homestead.

George Reyes: A Homestead Native
Reyes was born and raised in Homestead with Mexican parents, and his deep-rooted ties to the community only deepened after he found his wife here and had two children.
His strong connection to Homestead and belief in the city’s potential were the driving forces behind his decision to specialize in commercial real estate in this remarkable city.

The Homestead Real Estate Market
Homestead has emerged as an attractive investment destination, especially compared to other areas in Miami-Dade.
The city offers opportunities for wealth growth, mostly because of the availability of large land parcels and a healthy market cap rate of 6.8%. This rate surpasses the submarket’s five-year average.
More importantly, one of the unique selling points of Homestead is its booming business sector, multilingual workforce, low taxes, and outstanding quality of life.
Major industry leaders like Amazon, Target, and Walmart have recognized the city’s potential and have established a presence in the area.

Current Trends In The Real Estate Market
Even though most real estate prices are soaring in the County, Homestead has remained stable and affordable, making it the perfect option.
And it’s not only houses – rents are also more budget-friendly, averaging around $38.00 per square foot. Compared to Miami-Dade’s $47.00, Homestead is a steal! Similarly, the market cap rate is hovering around the healthy (and attractive) 6.8%.


George Reyes

Investment Opportunities
Homestead stands out for its affordable land parcels, making it a magnet for major developers establishing new single-family communities and other projects.
George Reyes has also been deeply involved in successful investment projects in Homestead, and one of his recent triumphs includes a $4.2 million deal for a nearly 20,000-square-foot building in the heart of Downtown Homestead.
This property will soon house an upscale food hall and farmer’s market, contributing to the area’s revitalization.

Development And Infrastructure
Upcoming developments in Homestead promise to reshape the local real estate landscape.
• The South-Dade Transit Way, set to open next year, will connect Homestead commuters to other cities in Miami-Dade, offering the best of both worlds for residents.
• CityPlace Homestead is another prime investment acknowledging the city’s growing demand for more restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues.
• The Krome Marketplace is an ongoing downtown revitalization project set to be a game-changer.
These projects align with the Community Redevelopment Authority’s vision for downtown, making it more appealing and economically vibrant.

Business Climate And Incentives

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Homestead boasts a favorable business climate, with:
• A multilingual workforce
• Low taxes
• A high quality of life
Moreover, the presence of major companies like Amazon, Target, and Walmart has had a ripple effect on the local business landscape and real estate, reinforcing the city’s infrastructure and attracting more businesses.

Community Involvement
George Reyes is not only a seasoned real estate professional but also a dedicated member of the community.
The Keyes Company’s Keyes Cares program, which includes food distributions, back-to-school supplies, and Christmas giveaways, also plays an important part in the community.
Additionally, George serves as a Big Brother in ‘Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami’. He has been engaged in various community outreach programs against violence, all of which any addition to Homestead can join.

The Bottom Line
Homestead represents the hidden gem of South Florida’s real estate market. The trio of affordability, growth potential, and community spirit makes it the choice on the market for investors and agents.
That’s why, with George Reyes at the helm, Homestead is sure to stay bright and happy – his leveraging of expertise and personal connections is one of the fastest ways to step into the future and thrive.


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