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Residents are Taking Back Control of Their Time with Top-Notch Cleaning Services

Residents are Taking Back Control of Their Time with Top-Notch Cleaning Services

It isn’t just about getting the job done but improving the quality of life for each customer.

While their company might be new, the founders of LASR Cleaning have been part of the Homestead community for over 20 years.
In speaking of how they got started, the founders explain that their mission lies in giving residents their time back by providing exceptional cleaning services whenever they need them.

Quality over quantity guarantees customer satisfaction
Rather than focusing on how many jobs they can get done, they are dedicated to ensuring their services are the perfect match for their clients.
“We don’t just look for an easy client and leave, we do our best in making sure we clean the houses to the best of our ability. Before we even give a quote or anything we make sure to have a walk-through [of] the house just so we can not only be on the same page but to see if we are what they are looking for.”
Most modern cleaning services concentrate too much on how many jobs they can book in the shortest amount of time possible. This often leads to poor quality control and low client satisfaction. The team at LASR is driven to exceed client expectations through their honesty and transparency when conducting a consultation.
In other words, if for any reason they don’t feel they can meet your specific needs, they’ll be upfront about it, rather than misleading you just to make more money.

Authenticity and communication come first
A lot of larger cleaning companies subcontract their work to third parties. While it might be efficient from a time perspective, it’s nearly impossible to guarantee that those vendors will provide the same quality and care to each client as you would.
All services provided by LASR Cleaning are done by in-house employees. Not only does this improve quality control, but it makes communication and follow-up that much easier. Once a client books a cleaning visit, employees are consistently kept in the loop if there are any changes to job requirements or new requests to consider.
Upon completion, managers will oversee the job to ensure that each expectation is met and even exceeded. If you’ve ever dealt with unreliable cleaning services, you know what a headache it can be to feel like you’ve actually paid money just to fix someone else’s mistakes.

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Regain control of your life with services you can trust
The team at LASR Cleaning is proud to set itself apart from other companies with keen attention to detail and a real passion for helping people in the community improve their daily lives.
“We aim to clean so you don’t have to, most importantly our goal is to give residents their time back, to come home to a clean and organized home so they can focus on themselves.” –Founder of LASR Cleaning
When your mission is empowering clients through specialized services, you’re bound to deliver results that go above and beyond what is expected.
For more information on what LASR Cleaning has to offer its clients and for contact information, visit the Facebook page @LASRCleaning.

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