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Awards of Distinction Ceremony 2019

Awards of Distinction Ceremony 2019

  • School Board Member Dr. Larry Feldman honors the top scholars of each of the district 9 senior high schools at the Annual Awards Distinction Ceremony at Georgios Café located at Robert Morgan Educational Center. Students were recognized with a medallion and a certificate of distinction. Three daily ceremonies took place on May 13, 14 and 15 each recognizing four schools.

The Annual Scholastic Breakfast was established in 1985 by Mr. Bob Epling, President, Community Bank as the “Buccaneer Award of Distinction Breakfast”, recognizing the ‘Top 25’ Outstanding Seniors at South Dade Senior High School. Two years later, Homestead and Miami Southridge senior high schools were added to the program and was followed by Coral Reef in 2001 and Robert Morgan in 2005.

Mr. Epling is to be commended for his vision and dedication to the students of South Dade. His unwavering support to the education community has served as a model for other community leaders and organizations to follow. School Board Member Dr. Feldman has attended all Scholastic Breakfasts since his inauguration in 2008 and remains committed to the collective vision to support students in the South Dade community. In 2014, Dr. Feldman took over the program and continued it with the assistance from Center State Bank.

This program has grown each year as a testament to the commitment initiated by Community Bank and now continues with our new community partner, William R. Nash Corporation. Since opening its doors in 1965, William R. Nash has been built on the principles of leadership and commitment to excellence. Throughout the years they have been committed to supporting the academic and athletic endeavors of Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ students. Mr. Russell Nash’s generous funding complemented the efforts of the District 9 Office to make this year’s recognition possible.

Principals, CAP Advisors and school staff joined students and their parents in this celebratory breakfast. Students shared their key to success, passing on their words of wisdom. Dr. Feldman is constantly seeking ways to recognized hard working students; this signature event is one senior students always look forward to.




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