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Katherine Rubio is including Diversity to Seminole theater’s programming

Katherine Rubio is including Diversity to Seminole theater’s programming

Katherine Rubio believes in representing the diversity of Homestead’s community and plans to include Hispanics and other groups, so they can have an active voice in the theater programming. 

As the recently appointed executive director, Katherine Rubio is following up the legacy of former director Mickey McGuire, who stepped down for a position in Atlanta. “I’ve been fortunate to have been mentored by Mickey in the sense that I know how to run the operation and also create programs from the ground up,” explained Rubio.

She’s been working for the theater since November 2015 and went through different positions including box office manager, marketing director, and associate director. Therefore, she has substantial knowledge and background to continue the magnificent work McGuire executed since the theater’s reopening.

Besides making sure the operation runs smoothly, she is a firm believer in inclusiveness and diversity and wishes to represent with top-notch programming the different groups from the community, so they can have an active voice in the arts.

For instance, as part of her new initiative in late September, the theater put together a festival made in conjunction with a group of Hispanic performers called Ruta Teatral. “It is the first time the Seminole theater has put on a full weekend production of Hispanic theater. That is a prime example of how we want to collaborate and include diversity in the programming this year,” said Rubio.

La Ruta Teatral Foundation brings together four fantastic companies from South Florida’s local theater. All are very well known for their quality plays, and they thought of bringing to Homestead a theatrical production in Spanish offering residents the opportunity to be entertained and enriched through community life.

Rubio will continue the familiar programming at the theater like country, jazz, or blues concerts; projects like the planned Aladdin Junior show in November; or shows like Rumors, the Fleetwood Mac tribute band.

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Additionally, she’s working on putting on some Spanish comedy shows, something never done before. “We have had several comedy acts; however, we want to be able to provide these shows in a different language, so we can reach more members,” she concluded.

Ecuadorian-born Rubio is a good representative of our Latino community, and for sure, she will excel in her new position. Her family migrated to Miami when she was only three years old, and she grew up in Miami-Dade. Rubio graduated from Miami Beach Senior High School and has a Mass Communication degree from the University of Colorado. She is the proud daughter of Martha Vega and Daniel Rubio.

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