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Life for the Homeless A New Opportunity

Life for the Homeless A New Opportunity

Those struggling to find housing or work and most probably living on the streets—the homeless population—now have an opportunity to solve their needs and improve their lives.

Riverstone Communities, a private company that owns and operates over 80 manufactured-home communities all over the country, is launching an initiative to help the homeless population in America to find work and, at the same time, provide them with housing so they can get back on their feet.
The initiative goes by the name of “Hire homeless, Change lives” and will employ homeless individuals with the added benefit of receiving a furnished house for them and their families within the Riverstone housing communities as soon as they start working for the company.

Individuals are hired for a 90-day trial period to ensure they are the right fit for the team. Once they get the job, they are provided with a furnished home, and the rent—including utilities—will be covered by the company at 100%. All those hired under this program will receive a trial rate of pay for the first 90 days of employment.

If the team member meets all performance expectations in their role after 90 days, a permanent pay rate will be established with an increase in the initial trial pay rate. Also, after the trial period, the home lot rent will be covered at 40% by the Company; however, the team member will have to start covering the cost of utilities in full.

“We are excited to kick off a new company initiative that is focused on improving the lives of those that need it the most—the homeless population. Every community in America has a homeless population, and we want to do our part in helping to minimize it and getting people and families back on the right track,” said Krystal A. Trevino-Cintron, Property Manager at Boardwalk RV Resort in Homestead.

Riverstone wants to transform the way it hires by hiring those in need. Its goal for the remainder of 2020 is to hire at least five homeless individuals to change five families’ lives. To do so, it is looking for partnerships with homeless community shelters as they share the same mission of improving and creating a better life for the homeless population.

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“Currently, at our housing communities in Miami-Dade and Broward, we have different positions available including maintenance, office assistant or assistant manager, among others. All candidates undergo the company’s hiring process and need to meet the criteria for the specific role,” added Krystal Trevino-Cintron.
If you or someone you know is interested in being part of this program, please contact Hillary Snyder—Human Resource Director for Riverstone Communities: or call (248) 988-8845 ext.125.

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