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Showbiz Cinemas Homestead will open their doors this Friday

Showbiz Cinemas Homestead will open their doors this Friday

The theater is reopening this Friday with The Call, Halloween’s season new horror movie

“The theater is indeed reopening this Friday for business,” said Jeremy Devine, vice president marketing & content of Showbiz Cinemas, and what best way to go back on business than opening with the new Halloween movie The Call. The movie was directed by Timothy Woodward Jr’s, starring Lin Shaye (Insidious, The Grudge) and Tobin Bell (Saw, Jigsaw).

The film centers on a group of friends who tormented Shaye’s, suspecting she’s a witch. But when the sinister woman dies, her husband (Bell) forces the friends to call her from beyond the grave. When they dial the number and a voice at the other end picks up, the trap is set, and an innocent teen prank quickly spirals into terror as the four friends enter the realm of The Call.

The Call was written by Patrick Stibbs and produced by Final Destination creator Jeffrey Reddick. Go! Latinos Magazine spoke with writer Patrick Stribbs: “I wrote the movie as a good old-fashioned haunted house movie, complete with a couple of really scary characters, played by the great Lin Shaye and Tobin Bell.

“It’s now time for a good, old fashioned movie scare! God knows we’ve had enough real scares in 2020, so why not enjoy a cinematic one (plus it’s a lot safer),” he said.

He concluded that there aren’t a lot of new movies out there right now, “so I think it’s the right time for a good, scary new movie…in a dark theatre…with a big tub of popcorn! I think people will have a lot of fun with The Call”.

On the other hand, Jeremy Devine also shared details on the theater’s reopening. “We have some really interesting and effective COVID-19 protocols to safeguard our customers and employees.”

The theater is opening at 50% capacity, and safety protocols include maintaining social distancing between employees and guests. A full six feet of distancing will be kept on all seating patterns.

“We can program our ticketing system, and you can buy from one to five tickets for your family, and every other row of the theater is blocked out. So horizontally speaking every other row is blocked out,” he said.

“So then when you buy one to five tickets, it automatically blocks out two seats on each side for your group. So definitely more than six feet of spacing in the auditorium.”

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Employees will continue to wear masks and their temperature will also be taken when they report to each shift. Guests are also required to wear face masks, except when eating or drinking inside the auditorium.

“We’re taking our best efforts to safeguard our employees and community,” said Devine and remarked that they’ll continue bringing the best entertainment experience to Homestead.

The cinema is located on 100 S Krome Ave, Homestead. For additional information go to,

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