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Brandy Ramirez: A Beacon of Change for Homestead’s Future

Brandy Ramirez: A Beacon of Change for Homestead’s Future

With a history of service and a pledge to remain free of outside influence, Brandy Ramirez is running for city council hoping to shape a brighter future for Homestead.

The decisions made in local government profoundly affect the lives of Homestead’s residents, and choosing the right leaders is crucial. Brandy Ramirez believes it is time for a change – that’s why she’s running for city council.
Her roots run deep in the community, and she’s dedicated to its improvement. She understands the aspirations, concerns, and dreams of Homestead’s residents because she shares them.

As she puts it, “I have the history.” And with nearly three decades of service through Dade County Public Schools, Farm Share, the Woman’s Club of Homestead, and more, it’s absolutely true. It’s this intimate connection with the community that drives her to stand up and bring about positive change.

A Time for Change
The current leadership of Homestead has held power for nearly 12 years. If change hasn’t happened in that time, the need for fresh faces becomes clear, and Ramirez believes this is the perfect time to reclaim the city. Her goal is to make sure the residents’ voices are heard and policies reflect their needs. She understands that it’s not just about saying yes to everything but making informed decisions for the city’s betterment.

Engaging with residents, especially in gated communities, can be challenging. However, Ramirez has shown an innovative approach to bridging this gap. She has organized events creating spaces for residents to come together, share ideas, and voice their concerns. These gatherings foster a sense of unity, transcending the barriers of gated communities. One of Ramirez’s favorite community gatherings is the North Gate Royal Palm Clubhouse Pancake Breakfast organized by Royal Palm Clubhouse manager and staff. Ramirez has sponsored two pancake breakfasts and was able to interact with many Keys Gate residents.

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One striking aspect of Ramirez’s campaign is her commitment to serving the residents of Homestead with no outside influence. She has made it a point not to accept campaign funds from developers or PACs, ensuring that her actions remain solely in the best interest of the community. This unwavering dedication to putting residents first sets her apart as a candidate who prioritizes Homestead’s future over special interests.

Every Vote Counts
Ramirez stresses the importance of voting, saying, “If you don’t show up to vote, it won’t allow new faces to come in.” She’s actively working to motivate the community to exercise their right to vote – regardless of who they vote for.
She has confirmed her attendance at debates, despite low attendance in previous years, because she believes that transparency and engagement are essential in local politics.
It’s time to take action and make a difference. Exercise your right to vote and help Brandy Ramirez bring positive change to our community. Learn more about her campaign, stay informed, and get involved by visiting Your vote counts, and together, we can build a brighter future for Homestead.

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