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Staffing App for Gig Workers Launches in Miami

Staffing App for Gig Workers Launches in Miami

Instawork is going after the area’s immigrant and Spanish-speaking workers

A new staffing app just launched in Miami last month; it’s called Instawork. It helps hospitality businesses like bars, restaurants, and events connect with thousands of high-quality workers for gig work

Traditionally, the hospitality industry suffers from high turnover rates and short-term, highly seasonal positions. Instawork then seeks to address both issues by connecting those businesses in need with qualified workers on demand.
In other words, Instawork is filling a growing void, as managers who have struggled to recruit permanent employees turn to the on-demand services for workers trained as dishwashers, servers, or line cooks, among others.

“Business partners can access the app for free and post available job offers, including information like location, pay rate, time and date. Then we match the offer with our large database of qualified workers in the area who meet the criteria and fill the position,” said Andreina Morales, general manager for Instawork in Miami.

This launch marks the first market for Instawork in Florida, as the Company is betting to impact an industry that employs more than 142,000, and the city’s tourism industry is growing rapidly, according to South Florida’s Business Journal report from 2019.

The company says Instawork professionals make an average of $16 per hour working an Instawork gig, which is substantially higher than minimum wage. According to Morales, “So far over 6,000 people have already downloaded Instawork in Miami to find work as bartenders, cooks, servers, dishwashers, catering staff, and more.

“Miami has been one of our most successful launches nationwide and has exceeded all expectations. We are working with great brands within the hospitality industry in the city,” she commented.

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According to the company, what makes Instawork different from other apps is that it carries out a thorough verification process. “No one can take a job until we verify their references, check their profile, and do a background check. We make sure workers have one or two years of experience and meet the profile and job criteria,” she mentioned.

Instawork and other companies are part of a market trend known as the ‘gig economy,’ which is changing the dynamic of work in the 21st century, as businesses need to evolve with the culture of the workforce.
Instawork was founded in San Francisco, California, in 2015 and so far has entered 15 US cities, including Miami. Those interested in learning more about Instawork and becoming an Instawork professional or partner should visit or download the free apps, available on Android and iOS in English and Spanish.

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