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The Future of Florida Travel is Brightline

The Future of Florida Travel is Brightline

The Future of Florida Travel is
The Future of Florida Travel is
The Future of Florida Travel is +2
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Say goodbye to traffic jams and hello to the fun-filled ride. Brightline’s new Miami-Orlando route will make travel between the two popular cities faster, safer, and more enjoyable.

Are you tired of the long and tedious drive between Miami and Orlando? Well, it’s time to say goodbye to the endless stretches of highway and hello to Brightline’s Miami-Orlando route opening this year. This new intercity rail service will revolutionize the way Floridians and visitors travel between the two popular cities.

“The goal has always been to connect cities that are too far to drive and too close to fly,” said Vanessa Alfonso, Director of Media Relations for Brightline in a recent interview. She continued that “The route between Central and South Florida is going to connect these destinations in a way we have never seen before.”

The trip by Brightline will take just 3 hours, compared to the 4+ hours – traffic-dependent, of course – of the same journey by car. Not only is it an enticing option for timesaving, but it also makes the trip more accessible for people who don’t or can’t drive. That family outing to Disney has never been easier to make.

It’s not all about providing a convenient and efficient travel option either, but also about making the journey as enjoyable as possible. Brightline plans to offer special food and beverage programs onboard, providing passengers with delicious and refreshing options to enjoy during their trip along with high-speed Wi-Fi.

The rail company takes passenger safety seriously and goes above and beyond the highest standards set by the Federal Railroad Administration and the Florida Department of Transportation.

“Every day, our team strives to implement the most robust safety and incident prevention measures possible,” said Alfonso, speaking on the many and significant improvements Brightline has made at all of their crossings – 50 in Brevard County and 156 between Cocoa and West Palm Beach – which includes new signals, road markings, gate mechanisms, and more. “At crossings where we will travel more than 79 mph, quad gates or medians have been installed making it difficult, if not impossible, to drive around the gates.”

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And Brightline is not content with just connecting Miami and Orlando. The rail company is currently in talks to extend its train route to Tampa, potentially adding two more stops in the Orlando area.

The Miami-Orlando route is expected to launch in the second quarter of 2023, offering a faster and more convenient way to travel between these two popular destinations. Whether you’re planning a family vacation to Disney World or a weekend getaway to Miami, Brightline is sure to make it a smooth ride. Find out more on Brightline’s website, Facebook, or Instagram.

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