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Downtown Farmer’s Market Coming to Homestead

Downtown Farmer’s Market Coming to Homestead

It was only a matter of time before Homestead welcomed a new Farmer’s Market, and come October 2021, visitors will be able to enjoy a fresh selection of locally grown produce and natural products.

The Downtown Farmer’s Market will tie into the overall vision to make Downtown Homestead a vibrant and diverse destination. “By activating the City Hall Plaza with the market, it brings people to Downtown, and hopefully people will stop in our other restaurants and businesses and support our local economy,” said City of Homestead representative Zackery Good.

As part of the Downtown Homestead revitalization effort, the new market, held from October 2021 to April 2022 at the City Hall Plaza, is the brainchild of the City of Homestead, Homestead Main Street, and Homestead Station QALICB partnership.

Yvonne Knowles from Homestead Main Street said the market will be held every second Wednesday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the City Hall plaza. “The historic downtown was once the bustling center of the Homestead community and by establishing a site where people can purchase fresh vegetables, baked goods, and plants and seedlings, we are once again recreating that energy and commerce.”

According to Good, the idea is to offer a place for residents to connect with the growers in the community. He said, “We want this to become as successful as markets in other South Florida communities.”

Success is guaranteed with the fresh selection of locally grown produce and natural products available to market visitors. Knowles added, “Unique to our Farmer’s Market is the fact that Bee Heaven Farm, which is the primary vendor at the Farmer’s Market, is part of the SNAP program (Florida Food Assistance Program), providing food benefits, access to a healthy diet and education on food preparation and nutrition to low-income households.”

Adding to this, Good said, “The vendors will be accepting SNAP and FAB payments, which helps increase access to fresh and healthy foods for residents who might not be able to afford them otherwise.”

Knowles continued, “This program is supporting our families living within the CRA and those who come from outside the district by providing them an opportunity to purchase plants for their gardens as well as the ability to purchase from a wide diversity of freshly harvested fruits and vegetables that are grown in our farming community.”

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Good hopes that the Farmer’s Market will grow over time and that new produce and market attractions will be made available for visitors every time they visit the market. “We’re hoping that the market grows over time and we get more local farmers and vendors involved.”

For those looking to get involved and sell their products, click here. For those looking to attend the market, click here. Community members are encouraged to visit the City of Homestead Facebook page and the Downtown Homestead Instagram page.

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