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Eight-year-old is the Promise of Latino Actors

Eight-year-old is the Promise of Latino Actors

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When he was only five years old, his parents discovered Christopher’s acting talent. Many people saw in him an innate star, including Go! Latinos Magazine that at a photoshoot recommended the family to encourage his acting potential. Thus, his parents Yoel and Marjorie Navarro decided to take him to an acting school. “When we took him to class, the academy director asked, ‘Who is the mother of the little kid? You have pure talent; you have an innate actor at home,’ the director told her,” says Marjorie.

This is how Christopher’s acting adventure took off. Quickly, his talent led him to collaborate in the short film Malabares, which was filmed in some Homestead locations, where he stood out above other actors. In his short acting career, he has already taken part in commercials and other short films. He even was the promotional image of Pequeños Gigantes show and traveled to Mexico to interview the famous actress Galilea Montijo.

Thanks to his bilingual education—Christopher speaks both languages ​​perfectly—he has had more opportunities in the children’s acting market. “Right now, he is studying a script because he is going to act in the short film Super Poderoso, a production targeting the Hispanic audience,” says his mother.

At his young age, Christopher can be considered a professional actor, and so he must make some sacrifices for his career. His parents decided on home schooling because public schools take strong consideration of a student’s attendance. Due to his responsibilities, he was unable to fulfill this demand. Therefore, his parents decided to make this effort in support of his acting career.

Thanks to his parents’ professions—his father is a realtor, and his mother is at home—they can support his acting and academic training. Around the risks a child of such a young age may have in the entertainment world, they emphasize that “Now there is a lot of legislation that protects child actors. By law, parents have to be in the studio with the child all the time. Their work and rest hours are carefully considered in order to give priority to their education.”

Christopher, because of his innate curiosity typical of his generation, has always liked digital platforms and social networks. Since he began his acting career two years ago, he wanted to have his own channel and be a YouTuber. However, his parents would rather he wait for him to improve his acting, therefore, launching his channel in a more professional and responsible way, and above all, with quality content.

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Now his main ambition is being on YouTube and social networks, which is parallel to his acting career. Just two months ago he launched the channel and has been invited to Los Angeles for an acting workshop with a renowned coach who trains talented children for Disney and Nickelodeon productions. Christopher is ready to become a successful YouTuber and influencer, so follow him on YouTube as Christopher G.

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