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ShowBiz Cinemas Homestead Station Boosts City’s Revitalization Efforts

ShowBiz Cinemas Homestead Station Boosts City’s Revitalization Efforts

ShowBiz Cinemas Homestead
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Since its opening in November 2019, the ShowBiz Cinemas Homestead Station has not only seen a steady rise in attendance but has also continued to add to the city’s revitalization efforts despite the global pandemic causing many local businesses to slow down.

Showbiz Vice President of Marketing & Content Jeremy Devine said, “The grand opening festivities went great, and our attendance has been growing since the pandemic hit. So, as we all know, that attendance was unprecedented. We reopened using many safety protocols. Now, the flow of product is starting to come to us from the studios, and each week our attendance grows. I think we play an integral part in driving traffic and business to the city as we provide jobs and many entertainment options. We really want to be part of the community.”

With popularity rising and the center now hiring many locals and offering employment opportunities, the ShowBiz Cinemas Homestead Station truly is part of the community. “At first, we hired more than 125 eager individuals to assist our experienced general manager, Steve Winn. We are now looking to rehire quite a few positions in a great company in an interesting industry.”

The health and safety measures implemented at the center have proven successful. Devine said, “Not only do we offer films, but we also have ice cream, coffee, all kinds of food, a bar, popular bowling lanes, a game arcade and redemption center. Bowling is incredibly popular, and another of the center’s new popular offerings is the Private Auditorium Rental program. Each program features its own safety and entertainment protocols. Think of how we clean bowling shoes between patron usage. Well, now we do that with the bowling balls.”

Devine continued, “Great attention has been paid to CDC guidelines and safety. Our staff has temperature checks before each shift, and they wear masks. We create distancing in common areas, and, when seats are sold, we block out adjacent seats to create social distancing. We certainly have stepped up cleaning protocols. We also carefully program movie start times and end times to avoid crowds. We request our guests to wear masks, and only when they are seated and distanced, can they remove their masks to consume concession food or drinks. These health and safety measures have been well thought out and work well.”

The management team at the ShowBiz Cinemas Homestead Station is confident that popularity will continue to rise as more vaccinations give people confidence to go out again. “As the big summer films come out, the movies will be back big time. People miss the collective viewing experience and want to get out. Since we offer movies, bowling, games, a bar and food, there is something for everyone. We will continue to follow Dade County safety rules and expect great growth in the coming weeks,” said Devine.

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He concludes, “It is a great development, and we feel we will be a key anchor tenant.”
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