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Why you need a lawyer in your corner

Why you need a lawyer in your corner

The following are a handful of reasons why it pays to have a lawyer in your corner.

One need not spend ample time to find depictions of lawyers on television and in films. Though such depictions are not always so rosy, most lawyers are reputable individuals who help people navigate the complicated matters of the law.
There are many instances when it is in a person’s best interest to hire an attorney. The law is more nuanced than people outside the legal profession may realize, and having a person in one’s corner who understands the ins and outs of the law is a wise move.

Ms. Marielys Concepcion and Ms. Melissa Ramos

Examples of why you need a lawyer:
The Defendant was arrested and charged with DUI with Property Damage, facing up to one year in the county jail. Ms Marielys Concepcion, from MRC LAW, P.A., a Criminal Defense Law Firm, ultimately got the charges dismissed. Through her defense strategy and efforts, including a motion to suppress, her client served no jail time and closed her case with no convictions on her record. This is something the Defendant could not have accomplished without a zealous attorney by her side.

The Defendant was arrested for Robbery with a Deadly Weapon and Aggravated Assault, facing up to life in prison, including a 20 year minimum/mandatory sentence because the firearm was discharged in the course of the alleged assault. Ms. Melissa Ramos, from MRC LAW, P.A., a Criminal Defense Law Firm, convinced the State Attorney’s Office not to file charges and allowed the client to walk freely. If it were not for the Defendant having an attorney from the inception of the case who was working hard behind the scenes, this Defendant would have remained in custody for months or possibly even years.

The following are a handful of reasons why it pays to have a lawyer in your corner.
• Lawyers understand legal documents. Attorneys know that procedure is a major part of the law and the judiciary system. A lawyer will help to file the correct paperwork, fill out legal documents, contact courts, and engage in legal procedures in the correct fashion.

• Lawyers have access to experts. Attorneys have strong networks and can connect their clients with experts that support their efforts. For example, parents who are using a special education attorney to navigate 504/IEP plans can ask their lawyer to connect them with an education advocate, expert or tutor who can serve as a witness or reference.

• Lawyers ensure guidelines are followed. A lawyer can be an asset when drafting a will or engaging in elder care arrangements. With legal, binding documentation, contestation of wishes is much more difficult and ensures that a financial legacy is put to use as intended.

• Lawyers know how to negotiate and settle. Heading to court isn’t always the best outcome. Experienced attorneys likely have seen similar cases and scenarios and can make informed guesses about how your own situation may play out if it goes to trial. He or she may suggest a settlement or know a tactic that can work in your favor, particularly if it results in reduced legal fees.

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• Lawyers provide unbiased insight. When dealing with complicated family issues, such as estate planning, divorce or custody, it pays to have a third party who is emotionally detached from the situation to help guide decision-making. Attorneys can guide people through all types of complicated legal matters and provide sound, unbiased advice.

MRC LAW, P. A. Criminal Defense Law Firm, can help you with DUI’s, Misdemeanors, Felonies, Juvenile Delinquency, Domestic Violence, and Traffic Tickets. If you or someone you know needs a lawyer, call 305-338-6262 or visit

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