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City of Homestead Grows with Community in Mind

City of Homestead Grows with Community in Mind

The City of Homestead is on the rise, thanks to its community-oriented mindset.

Over the past six years, the City of Homestead has undergone a significant period of urban renewal as the population has grown and brought out the need for expanded services and infrastructure.

Projects such as the rejuvenation of City Hall, Homestead Station, The Cybrarium, Police Station, and Seminole Theater have been integral in injecting new life into downtown, while programs from the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) have spurred economic growth through job creation and aesthetic improvements within businesses across town, and the recently unveiled improvements to Losner Park are sure to benefit both residents and visitors.

“City Staff and Elected Officials work closely together to craft a vision for the City’s future and then strategically choose projects that push toward that goal,” said Zackery Good, Assistant City Manager City of Homestead, when asked about the process behind these projects.

The city uses a Council-Manager form of government, where the City Manager implements policy directives from the Mayor and City Council, who act to ensure that residents’ voices are represented. “Homestead’s residents spoke loud and clear in 2014 with the overwhelming approval of two bond referenda to fund the Seminole Theatre and Police Headquarters projects,” said Good, who explained that the overall goal of this is to enhance economic vitality and increase arts and culture in the area.

The Mayor and City Council take a hands-on approach to the city’s growth. Through their decisions, they determine what developments are approved or denied – ultimately helping shape population and economic expansion in Homestead.

As Homestead continues on its trajectory of growth and success, the City must ensure residents have access to improved services. Infrastructure upgrades may cause some temporary disruption and even frustration, but ultimately benefit the community. Good listed street improvements as a prime example of this, stating, “expansions and resurfacing require lane closures and detours, but the result is better traffic flow and a more pleasant commute.”

Speaking about how the City plans for future growth, Good made reference to the Parks Master Plan, one of the guiding documents in the City’s planning arsenal which is currently being updated. “It’s a comprehensive guide to what public park, facilities, and recreation improvements are needed to serve the City’s current and future growth,” she said, explaining that the document is “based on public input, community surveys, and guidance from our elected officials.”

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The City of Homestead is committed to making itself a great place to live, work, and play. Reach out to your elected officials and let them know what’s on your mind. Together, we can make Homestead an even better city for everyone who lives here.

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