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Gratitude to the Heroes of 2020

Gratitude to the Heroes of 2020

While many of us have been urged to stay home and use social distancing to protect ourselves from COVID-19, health care workers around the world do not have this option.

On the contrary, they are on the front lines, risking their own health, battling this pandemic and spending long hours assisting those in need in our community despite the lack of personal protective equipment (PPE).

As we approach the end of week three since stay-at-home orders began, we hear stories of how the pressure and fear is mounting on them as they try to keep up with hospital beds filling with critically ill patients. Many nurses and hospital staff must comfort those dying by setting up video messages to loved ones unable to visit.

As we know, many of these health care workers are at risk of contracting the lethal virus, and many have died while endangering their own health and well-being for us.

This also goes for our active EMT, police officers, and fire fighters continuing to respond to emergencies and the daily uncertain developments caused by the virus.

And for unsung heroes, look to the many grocery store workers, postal workers, farm workers, restaurant cooks, delivery personnel—now essential employees during this time of crises. They too had little to protect themselves during this time and are taking steps to safeguard employees and customers.

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For that, we thank you, our nurses, doctors, mail persons, stockroom personnel, cashiers, firefighters, police forces, and all those continuing to provide service and a small sense of normalcy. You deserve recognition for the hazardous work you do every day during this difficult time all over the world, and we want you to know that we greatly appreciate you.
Our sincerest gratitude!

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