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You Have To See It To Believe It, Luis Arraez is Something Special

You Have To See It To Believe It, Luis Arraez is Something Special

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Have you been out to loanDepot park to see the amazing Luis Arraez do what hasn’t been done on a Major League Baseball field in quite some time? If not, you need to book your ticket as soon as possible!

We acquired Luis, last year’s American League Batting Champion, during the offseason knowing that he has incredible bat-to-ball skills. But, we are right there with you at how jaw-dropping his production has been at the plate to start this season.

He instantly made a mark on the organization by becoming the first player in Marlins franchise history to hit the cycle. It happened on April 11 when Arraez recorded a single, double, triple and home run all in one game against the Philadelphia Phillies. The achievement is known as one of the rarest feats in baseball – and it was a thrill to see it happen in person.

But the amazing Luis continues to produce at the plate. He entered May batting .439 on the year – the highest batting average by a player in nearly three decades. In my own experience, the versatility Luis brings to the game makes him a difficult player to defend. For fans though, he’s exciting to watch. And he does it all with one of the most infectious smiles you’ll find on a baseball field.

Hailing from baseball-rich Venezuela, Luis takes a lot of pride in his hitting – it’s almost like a religion for him. There’s not a pitch he isn’t ready for and there’s not a pitch he can’t handle. When he steps up to the plate, our opponents have to be on their toes, knowing he’s going to put the ball in play. If he’s swinging, he’s making contact with each one of his hits taking off in a different direction in the field, boosting the action and frustrating the pitcher. His line drives and fly balls seem to find a spot to land safely.

Fast balls, breaking balls, curve balls – bring them all on. Luis is on fire and the season is just getting started. His performance makes you appreciate the technique of the sport. It’s exciting to cheer him on as an individual and a member of the hometown team. It’s exciting from my vantage point on the field to watch the lefty hitter excel at his craft, but for fans in the stands, I can only imagine the thrill of witnessing Luis’ incredibly unique hitting style.

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We got a good one – and he’s fun to watch. Luis’ execution is bar none. Will he defend his batting title? He’s staying hot at the plate with average that doesn’t veer too much off the ever-elusive .400 mark.

Join us at the ballpark to cheer on Luis and the entire squad. Plan your next visit to loanDepot park by visiting

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