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Councilwoman Patricia Fairclough-Staggers Recognizes Virtual Mom Collective and Mothers Affected by Gun Violence

Councilwoman Patricia Fairclough-Staggers Recognizes Virtual Mom Collective and Mothers Affected by Gun Violence

At the May council presentations, Councilwoman Fairclough-Staggers further recognized all the events happening in May, especially Mother’s Day. After she reflected on her own experiences as a mother, she called the ladies of the Virtual Mom Collective (VMC) to the dais for recognition of their work and communication with other work from home and stay at home moms (SAHM) during the pandemic.

The pandemic had an isolating effect on mothers, who, like many people, had to readjust and adapt to a new set of rules; working from home, care giving for their families and being in-home educators while working to maintain a balance with their own careers. The organization, led by Denise A. Castro continues to be a support for mothers who are looking for insight and guidance to the task of raising their children at home while actively working.

Also, during the May presentations council ceremony, Councilwoman Fairclough -Staggers addressed the mothers in the audience who lost their children to gun violence. As of May 1, 2023, at least 13,959 people have died from gun violence in the U.S. this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive – which is an average of roughly 115 deaths each day.

As the incidence of gun violence continues, local mothers who have lost their children to the epidemic, suffer with an emptiness in their hearts. But, especially on Mother’s Day does it becomes almost unbearable. Councilwoman Fairclough -Staggers understood the loss that the mothers have suffered and presented the ladies with bouquets of flowers that otherwise would have come from their children, as a tribute to the mothers. These women fight everyday in a struggle to end the violence in the community so more children can realize their dreams of a brighter future.

The ladies who were honored:
Regina Talabert
Tracey Lyons
Tracy Brown
Darlene Duke

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