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Homestead Takes On The Beautiful Game

Homestead Takes On The Beautiful Game

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Excitement mounts as the City of Homestead welcomes its first semi-pro soccer team.

The place that football holds in Latino culture is undeniable – a common interest across borders and languages, bringing together friends and families, teams and communities. Now, the City of Homestead welcomes its very own semi-pro team: Homestead FC USA.

According to the team’s head coach, Roberto Trotta, the community is excited and can expect great things from the team. “Without a doubt,” he said, “the project we are launching is very good.”

As a defender, Trotta played for several clubs in Argentina, as well as the 1995 National team. He has also played for clubs in Ecuador, Mexico, Spain, and Italy. In addition, he has managed teams in Argentina and coached there and in the United Arab Emirates. With these credentials and his wealth of knowledge and experience, he is sure to steer Homestead FC USA to victory.

Roberto Trotta

Trotta stated that the team’s top priority is to compete at a good level. “The professional level that we are building will allow us to grow,” he said, continuing that the team is “focused on doing things in a consolidated manner, building at the best possible pace, and understanding that we are part of a long-term project.”

Playing in the National Soccer League (NSL) Elite Division, Homestead FC USA trains at Kendall Soccer Park as well as at the Homestead Air Reserve Park, but will soon call Harris Field Park Stadium ‘home’. The team’s name was chosen to clearly represent the city, and the uniform colors – white, blue, and red – call to mind the colors of the United States flag, imbuing a sense of pride and community.

Although the team is still new and sure to face challenges on the road ahead, Trotta remains confident. “We are not going to lose, because the key is to generate strengths, taking advantage of the opportunities and the human and infrastructure resources that we have and that will continue to improve.”

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Vice Mayor of Homestead, Julio Guzman, has also weighed in with a positive outlook for the team, stating that “A semi-pro soccer team based in Homestead will bring another level of entertainment to our community, will highlight our excellent parks and community areas, and will complement our successful youth soccer leagues.” He continued, “I am grateful to play a part in this partnership which, I am certain, will be a source of pride for our community.”

The inaugural game in the city of Homestead will be played on May 22 at 6:00 pm and the entire community is invited to attend and show their support for the team. Be sure to follow Homestead FC USA’s Facebook and Instagram pages to stay up to date with all their fixtures.

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