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HPS Energy Provides Financial Relief on May’s Bill

HPS Energy Provides Financial Relief on May’s Bill

In response to COVID-19, Homestead Public Services Energy is lowering bills in May in addition to other benefits to customers implemented since March.

If you are worried about how you are going to pay your home energy bill as a result of issues related to COVID-19 and the economic impact this is having on households, Homestead Public Services (HPS) Energy will help out in May.

Barbara Quiñones

Due to the hardship many are facing, residential customers will receive a one-time bill credit of 27%. “We understand the community is going through a difficult time, so we decided to offer our residential customer a 27% discount on the bill they will be receiving in May,” said Barbara Quiñones, HPS Energy Director.

In a statement, HPS informed that it has decided to pass along its savings on power generation (PCA charge on customer bills) in one month instead of distributing it across the year. This will result in more than $30 in savings to the typical 1,000 kWh residential customer bill

The PCA is a variable energy rate that fluctuates from month to month and is based on the changing costs of the fuel used to generate the electricity that you use. The PCA item on your bill passes these costs on to you. In this instance, HPS Energy does not make any extra revenue from this item—it is a pass-through cost—which this time will be used to generate the 27% discount.

Additionally, HPS Energy is further encouraging HPS customers who have not been financially impacted by COVID-19, or who can afford to help others in need, to donate their credit to the “HELP Contribution” customer assistance fund. 100% of customer contributions will go towards helping other customers in need

Since March, in the light of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, Homestead Public Services started supporting people with measures to safeguard the economic and financial wellbeing of the community.

“First, around March 13, we decided not to disconnect anyone, and then we implemented a waiver of late fees for those that are struggling to pay the bill on time. These measures have been of great contribution towards helping those customers in need,” said Ms. Quiñones.

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This added to the ongoing monitoring and sanitations measures the City of Homestead has been continually implementing since the pandemic began, including deep cleans and sanitization protocols at all city facilities in the interest of protecting residents and employees.

Customers wishing to donate their credit to the HELP Contribution will select the option when paying their bill. Customers in need of assistance can apply for HELP Contribution assistance by calling HPS Customer Service at 305-224-4800 or visit

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